Blackpoint Woodworking was founded in 2005 by Robert Lafferty, a local artisan from Middletown, New Jersey.

Robert was born and raised in Rumson, N.J. and was greatly influenced by art and music early on. His mother, Pat Lafferty, studied art and played classical piano in college, and became a well-known professional watercolorist. At a very young age, Robert traveled with her throughout Monmouth County while she painted on location. She also taught art classes in her home studio, and always involved the entire family in her work. Today, he draws inspiration from the many paintings of hers that hang in his home.

Robert’s father was a world traveling executive with a strong interest in woodworking and furniture building. Even with his hectic schedule, he always found time, mostly on weekends, to share the woodworking experience with Robert. It was in the family workshop that Robert learned – from his dad – the fundamentals of the craft, and the importance of patience and attention to detail. He continues to use many of the tools and equipment from his dad’s original workshop.

Early schooling included taking woodshop in 7th thru 12th grades. And during college, Robert enjoyed a woodworking and furniture design course. He earned a degree in Economics from the University of New Hampshire, endeavored in a 20+ year career in publishing, advertising, and sales, and continued woodworking as a hobbyist all the while. In 2004, he decided to leave the corporate world, and pursue his true passion for wood full time. Blackpoint Woodworking was created shortly thereafter.

Robert also worked for, and learned from master craftsmen at several shops in New Jersey (including renowned cabinetmaker Frank Klausz). He continues to work both individually and in partnership with other accomplished artisans on projects for discerning clients.

While custom furniture and cabinetry has been the main focus for Blackpoint, in 2013, Robert was commissioned by a top world restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, to make several custom service pieces. Since then, Blackpoint Woodworking has designed and produced thousands of serveware items for EMP, the NOMAD Restaurants (NY, LA, & LV), as well as for several other high end establishments.

“Whether it’s an elegant and functional built in cabinet, a “one of a kind” piece of fine furniture, or a custom set of wooden serveware, Blackpoint Woodworking can fulfill your needs for fine craftsmanship with a focus on design, detail and customer service. I am confident a tour of the portfolios/photographs on my website will show the dedication to quality that is built into every project Blackpoint Woodworking accepts.”