Design Services

Our clients continue to tell us not only how pleased they are with their completed project, but how closely it resembles the original sketches. Working with sophisticated computer modeling software, Blackpoint is able to transform its customer’s ideas into 3D drawings set in realistic surroundings/colors/textures, etc. The results are presented on laptop, and clients are able to get a true feel for their project early in the process. Any modifications needed along the way are easily made, and promptly communicated – keeping the client informed and involved (in the “design loop”.) Blackpoint offers these design services to other professionals, including interior designers, builders, cabinet shops, as well as woodworking hobbyists. Contact us today and let Blackpoint help you to visualize your next project. We also offer detailed drawings and dimensions for a limited number of existing projects.

Plans for Hobbyists

Want to build this beautiful jewelry armoire design by Blackpoint Woodworking? Call or email us to purchase detailed plans!